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Passenger's Comments


Modesto Watson on the lookout for wildlife

" We all agree that our trip with you was the highlight of our travels. I have visited rivers in Indonesia and Malaysia but never had such a qualified guide. THANK YOU!"

Kathleen Stacey of Pacific Grove Travel

"Our trip with you really taught us alot about identifying birds. Our three days with you is a wonderful memory!"

Janet and Jim Uhler

Sights along Tortuguero canals


Howler monkey mother and baby

"Our whole family had a great time on the tour to Tortuguero. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was a marvelous time. Thank you for taking us on a most memorable tour - one that we are certain will remain a highlight of our time in Costa Rica."

Dave Coutu

"Thank you, Fran and Modesto. No one could surpass the love and care you demonstrate in your lovely Riverboat Francesca tours."

Carolyn Underwood, GUIDE Magazine

The 'FIESTA' accommodates larger groups on tours of the Tortuguero canals

Keeping a watchful eye on the visitors

"Jungle Canals Delight - Tortuguero Canals Hold Plethora of Wildlife - Birds Galore, Turtles Too!"

Article title featuring the Riverboat Francesca Tortuguero tours by Susan Liang, THE TICO TIMES, July 24, 1998 issue


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